Dry Ice Info


What is dry ice?

Dry ice is a liquid carbon dioxide, which is compressed under high pressure. Hereby the solid form is created, also called dry ice. A white, very cold carbon dioxide snow is formed, which is pressed into nuggets under high pressure. We speak of dry ice, because from the solid phase it directly transforms to the gas phase. The gas that arises, for example, is the same gas as in the carbonated drinks. Dry ice has a temperature of -79 degrees Celcius. It sublimates above this temperature. Because of this low temperature, it is used in many ways.


Dry ice applications:

Cooling:  you can think of storing a product at a cool temperature, such as keeping food products cool, between 2 ° C to 7 ° C. Because the cooling capacity of dry ice is three times higher than that of water ice, the product is extremely suitable for cooling.

In the food industry, the medical world and the pharmaceutical industry, dry ice is used, among other things, to freeze food, organs and medicines or keep them at a certain temperature.

Barista: the best baristas in the world use dry ice to freeze their coffee beans. The freezing of the beans improves the taste of the coffee. When the coffee beans have a temperature beneath -50 ° C they become very fragile. When you grind them, the beans are finer and more consistently grinded than coffee beans at room temperature. Because the particles are finer, they extract better and the coffee gets a better and clearer taste. Our dry ice was also used by some participants of The World Barista Championship.

Smoke Effects: with dry ice you can create a certain atmosphere, by the smoke effects you can make with it. Visitors of festivals, events or the theatre may have experienced this effect. In order to accomplish this effect, dry ice is often used with a mist installation. If you don't have a mist installation, you can fill a tank with a layer of water and provide it with a scoop of dry ice. The mist formed by dry ice is a low hanging mist. This is because the dry ice molecules have a higher density than air and are therefore heavier. This, in contrast to spray generated by a smoke machine. This creates a spectacular effect when, for example, you release the mist at the top of a staircase. Than it seems that it runs down the steps of the stairs. The beautiful white clouds can be made extra mystical by projection of lights. Other advantages are that the spray of dry ice is odor-free and not 'greasy'.

Also during the serving of desserts, at buffets and in theme restaurants, the mist effect is used in various ways to make the presentation of dishes extra special.

Here they are using our dry ice for the presentation of a dish:

Cleaning: dry ice blasting is an ideal way of cleaning. Due to the low temperature, dirt is released in most cases. Therefore friction or other applications are not required. Another advantage is that dry ice transforms directly from a solid phase into a gas phase and thus no residue remains. In many cases, this application provides a great environmental benefit compared to other cleaning methods. This application is used in various industries. It is used, for example, in bakeries for cleaning baking trays and cake molds, at printers for cleaning the printed circuit boards and even for cleaning facades.

The dry ice is blasted onto the surface with a pressure of 2 to 20 bar. The surface cools down quickly, because the dry ice is -79 ° C. Due to the combination of beam power, sublimation and temperature, the dirt particles become brittle and they will jump off the surface. The produced carbon dioxide is removed by suction. A vacuum cleaner removes the further dirt particles. We supply dry ice to the radiation specialists in special insulated containers. Our advanced logistics system enables us to deliver the dry ice grains exactly on time through the Benelux.

A dutch rapper named 'Lange Frans' used dry ice in his videoclip: