Info Dry Ice

What is dry ice:

Dry ice is a liquid carbon dioxide, which is compressed under high pressure. Hereby the solid form is created, also called dry ice.

We speak of dry ice, because from the solid phase it directly passes to the gas phase. The gas that arises, for example, is the same gas as in the carbonated drinks.

Applications of dry ice:

Cooling:  the thought of cooling is re-cooling or keeping it cool. Like cooling food between 2 and 7 degrees.  For example Fish can remain cooled up to 5 days. Because of this it is possible to send it  all over the world.

Freezing:  In the medical world or the food industry they use dry ice to keep the products frozen or get it frozen really fast.

Smoke Effects: Dry ice can also be used for the perfect ambience, because of the smoke effects you can create. For people who goes a lot to parties, musicals or theaters know that the smoke effects set the scene. To create this effect, people use dry ice with a dry ice machine. The mist which is formed by the dry ice, stays low at the ground because the mist from dry ice is heavier than air. This is in contrast to the mist developed by a smoking machine . For example when you let go the mist on top of the stairs, it looks like it walks down. To make it extra mystique you can use different colors of light.

The benefits of the mist from dry ice is that is has no smell and it’s not greasy.

Halloween is increasingly celebrated by Dutch people. Dry ice is an important ingredient.

Put some dry ice pellets in a witches cauldron with hot water and you directly create a mysterious effect.  Also with serving desserts at a buffet or in theme restaurants the mist effects from dry ice can be used in different manners.

Cleaning: Dry ice is the perfect ingredient for cleaning, because of the low temperature it releases the dirt in most cases. Because of that you don’t need to scrub.  So you don’t need anything to clean up afterwards.  This application, in many cases, provides a major environmental benefit from other cleaning methods. Various companies make use of this method. For example molds and dies are cleaned or in Bakery ’s it is used for cleaning baking trays or at printing offices for cleaning circuit boards.

The Dry ice is irradiated on the surface at a pressure of 2 to 20 bar. The surface cools back quickly because the dry ice is -79 ° C. Due to the combination of jet power, sublimation of the dry ice as well as its cold the dirt particles become fragile and jump off the surface. The carbon dioxide produced is removed by suction. A vacuum cleaner removes the dirt particles. We supply the Dry ice to the jet specialists in special insulated containers. Our advanced logistics system enables us to deliver the Dry ice grains accurately on time throughout the Benelux.